~ Kindergarten & Pre-K ~
 ~ Goals & Objectives ~

~ Pre-Kindergarten ~
Goals and Objectives

It is our goal at The Learning Path to prepare your child for Kindergarten whether they will attend a private or public school in any community. At the beginning of the Pre-K year, your child should have some basic skills in the areas of math, reading-readiness, social/emotional development, and practical skills. Strong work habits, listening skills, and appropriate behaviors are necessary for your child to smoothly transition into Kindergarten. 
The following is a list of skills that your child should acquire while in Pre-K;

*  Separate easily from parents
*  Self-help skills (clean up after play, dress oneself, independent bathroom skills)
*  Play independently and stay focused with a friend for 15 minutes
*  Follow basic classroom rules, structure, and directions
*  Recognize some letters, numbers, and sight words 
*  Write some letters, numbers, and shapes
*  Recite rhyming words and opposite words
*  Listen to a story and repeat back some major points
*  Grip a pencil and crayon correctly
*  Write name in upper case letters
*  Understand basic math by adding, counting, sorting, classifying, measuring
*  Willingly participate in age-appropriate lessons and activities
*  Make good choices, confident in a classroom setting, begin to build good character traits
*  Participate without frustration, does not tire easily
*  Accept teachers authority, need little or no special attention for making poor choices

Introduction to sight words including: A, I, IT, IS, IF, IN, ON, AT, AN, AM, HE, WE, ME, BE, NO, NOT, SO, GO.

~ Kindergarten ~
Goals and Objectives

At The Learning Path, it is our goal to prepare each child for first grade, attending in any community. Most children will master the basic skills and will be ready to enter first grade, while others may be less ready, due to the lack of acquired skills in certain areas. Every child is different, with different strengths and weaknesses, so our kindergarten teacher, owner, and director continuously communicate with the parents of each child so that they are aware of their child’s strengths and weaknesses when they leave The Learning Path. Written progress reports are sent home twice per year and parents are invited to request to meet with us regarding their child’s report. 
Along with the skills acquired in Pre-K, your Kindergartener will be introduced to the following:

Handwriting is taught through our “Handwriting Without Tears” program. Writing upper and lowercase letters, words, numbers, and the child’s first and last name is part of the annual curriculum .

Reading-Readiness is taught using phonics-based activities, our “Word Of the Week” (WOW) technique, brainstorming words, our Letter of the Week, and listening to stories and poems.

Math is taught using manipulatives, sorting, graphing, estimating, number recognition and writing, and adding and subtracting. Working with money, counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, cooking, and calendar studies are also included. 

Science is explored during cooking, learning about weather conditions, animal studies, our five senses, and 
classroom science experiments. Health and nutrition, our body, and the four seasons are also included.

Social Studies is introduced as we learn about the states in our country and their capitals, our address and phone number, community helpers, community and classroom rules, cultures and other countries from around the world, 
 and peoples’ likes and differences.

Enrichment Studies include art, music and movement, outdoor play, cooking, and computers.

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