Ms. Lovasco, and Mrs. Wright in our Atkinson/Derry school.
Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Ingalls, Mrs. Horton, and Ms. Feeney in our Salem school.
We are excited and proud of our infant program. We are sure to provide your baby with the individual care and attention that you, as a parent, will expect. Our teaching staff is unsurpassed, as we recognize these crucial first months of life. Both baby and caregiver learn about each other through one-to-one interaction. Trusting adults is earned by providing an immediate response to your baby’s needs regarding eating, sleeping, diapering, and playing. Communication is the key to a successful relationship between parents and teachers. Our HiMama app sends pictures of your child's day plus verbal and written reports are provided daily so that your comfort level is met.  

Miss Sue and Mrs. Gore in our Atkinson/Derry school.
Ms. Blea and Ms. Lynch in our Salem school. 
As your infant begins to walk, he/she is ready for our Young Toddler program. Here, the mobility of the young toddler requires different amounts of space. We provide an atmosphere which enhances large and small motor development through teacher directed music activities, pretend play, and peer interaction. Social skills and language development are learned as we devote ourselves to a prosocial curriculum on an individual, as needed basis. Our HiMama app is used daily sending pictures and information to you throughout the day!

Mrs. Acciard and Ms. LeGrasse  in our Atkinson/Derry school.
Mrs. Burch, Ms. Huggins, and Ms. Doyle in our Salem school.
This is a time for development in mobility, autonomy, and self-help skills. We provide a variety of learning centers such as art, blocks, and make-believe to encourage movement, exploration, and expression. Toddlers are encouraged to participate in short circle-time activities, helping them expand their attention spans with stories, music, colors, shapes, and sign language. Teachers provide a curriculum that encourages hands-on learning and self expression. We provide a large variety of toys that not only stimulate, but also help toddlers develop problem solving techniques, a sense of sharing, and self control. Communication happens through our HiMama app, sending you pictures and important information to you throughout the day!

Ms. Toney, Ms. Clark, and Mrs. Pilla in our Atkinson/Derry school.
Mrs. Upton, Mrs. Brown and Ms. DiMambro in our Salem school.
As you child grows, so grows the need for a preschool program that supports their intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical growth. Our three-year-olds are eager to learn. We use a variety of teaching techniques to inspire our young students. Our curriculum includes math, literature, social studies, arts & crafts, and music. Teachers encourage children to participate in discussions during circle and story time. Our curriculum has been developed to change and adapt as the groups interests change. The result is a classroom of students that feel respected and empowered, gaining the confidence to move on to the next stage of preschool. You can expect pictures and information sent from the classroom teachers throughout the day on our HiMama app!

Mrs. Norton in our Atkinson/Derry school.
Ms. Jackson and Mrs. Thyne in our Salem school.
It is our goal to prepare our Pre-K students for Kindergarten, whether you choose  public or a private school. Our excellent team of educators recognizes this distinct period of development and has designed a curriculum that challenges and encourages individual success. Our young students thrive as they study math, language arts, science, social studies, arts & crafts, music & movement and cooking. Keeping in mind that success and advancement happens at different stages for each child, our teachers individualize each students needs to ensure personal achievement. Our teachers send pictures that document our daily activities through HiMama app!

MrsPisecco in our Atkinson/Derry school.
Ms. Jackson and Mrs. Thyne in our Salem school.
And then there is kindergarten! The last step before your child is off to first grade. At The Learning Path, our experienced educators understand the importance of the individual needs of our students. Our objective is to assist each child as he/she develops the learning skills to comfortably enter a first grade classroom. We pay careful attention, focusing on reading, writing, adding, and subtracting. The classroom is welcoming and age-appropriate, challenging each child with our language-learning curriculum. Our young students thrive as they “study” science, social studies, math, cooking, computers, arts & crafts, and other interesting learning centers. Paying close attention to each child and their different strengths and weaknesses, our teachers have created a strong academic setting, focusing on first grade preparedness. Documenting your child's Kindergarten school year with pictures and communication through our HiMama app keeps you in the loop!

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