"I wanted to take a moment to recognize The Learning Path. We have two boys that enjoyed the   
 journey of attending The Learning Path over the years. Our oldest son has since moved on to first grade
 and yet he is always welcomed back if I need extended care. Our youngest son now attends the Nursery
 program and throughout all the years of attending, each and every teacher is as dedicated to their jobs  as the first day I met them."
"My husband and I cannot say enough great things about the quality of care that has been provided 
 to our boys over the years. Donna Hajjar and all the teachers at The Learning Path are the eyes, ears, 
 hearts, and love for our children when we cannot be during the day. I could not think of a better place to
 have my children knowing they are getting the same care as if the children attending were their own."

 Yours Sincerely,
 Kelley and Scott Noyes
 Atkinson, NH

 Oracle Manage
"We have been parents at The Learning Path since June 2007. Our daughter started in the infant room at 3-months-old. Over the last 3 years we have watched our child be treated with love, compassion, and respect. The teachers value her and recognize her individuality. They have instilled the values that we as parents want our child to have. We know every day that when we leave her she is safe, loved, and educated to her fullest potential. We are grateful that as parents we can be partners with such wonderful people to help guide our daughter to a bright future."

Sandown, NH
Human Research Manager
"As parents of two pre-school aged boys, we decided to move our children to The Learning Path last summer when we were displeased with their former school. The thing that stood out most for us about The Learning Path is that it is a school, not just a daycare center. Each room is set up like a classroom, brightly decorated with the works of its students. The curriculum is extensive and my son comes home excited to share all of the knowledge he gains at The Learning Path. Our only regret is that we didn't find them sooner!"

JJ and Michelle Waldron
Derry, NH

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 ~T E S T I M O N I A L S ~
"I cannot say enough about all of the staff at The Learning Path. From the first day there, the teachers have welcomed both of my kids into their classrooms with open arms. I think the curriculum they use is great. I am amazed at what my children are learning at such young ages. Zoey learned to communicate with us before she could speak by using Sign Language and Braeden, at age four, can tell me all about the planets in our soalr system! All of the teachers have such amazing patience with all of the children and they make each school day enjoyable for them. It is so nice as a parent, to not have to worry about your children everyday when you are at work, knowing that they are in EXCELLENT hands."
"I don't think that I tell the teachers enough how fortunate my family is to have such wonderful people watching after our children. The staff is terrific and we are very grateful for all that they do!"

Tara Gillen
Derry, NH
Bank Manager
"The Learning Path is not your average daycare. We consider it to be more of a learning center. Sure it provides a great academic curriculum appropriate for each age group and each classroom. Sure it's a safe, respectful, and clean environment. Isn't that what we all want for our children? What makes The Learning Path different to us is the social community that they provide. Every teacher from every classroom knows every child enrolled. They promote friendships built on respect and kindness throughout the school. They provide the consistent structure and boundaries which allows my children to feel safe to explore on ALL levels."
"Over the past five years and three children later, Donna, Mary, and the staff at The Learning Path have really become an extention of our family. We see them day-in and day-out, on good days and on bad days......and just like "family" they wish us a nice evening and invite us back tomorrow. We love The Learning Path, and more importantly, my children love The Learning Path!"

Tara & Danny
Windham, NH

"As a new mom I was just short of terrified to return to work and leave my newborn baby girl. During my maternity leave I interviewed over 20 other area preschool centers - none of which I would ever consider placing her with. I was finally delighted and relieved to have found The Learning Path."
"My requirements in the beginning were simple; a safe and clean environment where I could be sure she would be mentally stimulated the same way she would have been if I had been home full-time. Not only was she well taken care of, so was I. The entire staff at The Learning Path were conscientious of how hard it was to leave her each day, so upon pick-up, there was a full report of her diet and activities amd I was welcomed to pop in during the day to feed her or just to cuddle with her. They made the transition back to work as stress free as possible for both me and my daughter." 
"As my daughter has grown, I have kept her with The Learning Path because I am truly impressed with the way academics are introduced to the children in their care. From sign language with the Toddler groups and the science and math concepts in the Nursery and Pre-K programs to reading and math in Kindergarten, my little one is truly ready for first grade!"
"I can not imagine placing my daughter in any other childcare/preschool setting, and I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement we have received in the 5 years we have been with The Learning Path."

Sandown, NH
Real Estate Sales Manager
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